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A private jet; an increasingly economical luxury

With the crisis, internationalisation is an escape for Spanish businesses. However, it also requires travel. "How" and "how much will it cost" are two questions which companies ask when expanding to another country.

Each year, according to Marcel Forns, director general of Gebta, the association which brings together the main business travel agents, this market (flights, hotels, meetings, etc.) is worth 13 billion euros in Spain. Forns states that business travel "makes up a part of business activity". With the arrival of the crisis, this sector fell heavily. "Travel was the first thing that was cut,"" states the director general. However, businesses "saw that giving up travel affected their business," which reduced the expenditure "in the short term, but not the mid or long term".

Due to lack of studies, it is not known what proportion of the 13 billion euros corresponds to the executive flights made on private aeroplanes. These have connotations of luxury and large businesses. However, the sector argues that it is a useful tool and, ultimately, economical for the work of businesses interested in expanding...

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