Integrated Management of Aircraft


Commitment to the most efficient management of your aeroplane.
We build a service based on the relationship of trust between ourselves and our clients.

Transparency is a key value in our services, and so we make clear and detailed information available to the client at all times. Confidentiality and privacy are also intrinsic values in our processes. Each client is unique and our commitment is to putting the solution which benefits them most in each operation within their reach.


The sum of small details differentiates us.
Over 37 years of experience in Executive Aviation place Gestair as the pioneering company of the sector in Spain and the best advisor for the purchase and sale of executive aeroplanes. We know all details of our clients’ needs and transform them into a perfect service, making us their best choice.


Your safety is our priority.

At the centre of our process is the evaluation of risks, their mitigation and continuous inspections and audits. Safety of operations is the essence of our service. Nothing is as important to us as our commitment to the safety of our passengers, crews and aircraft.

The EBAA Platinum Safety of Flight Award guarantees the safety of our service.


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