Integrated Aircraft Management Services

Aeronautical Consulting

At Gestair Aircraft Consulting we offer you an integrated service in the purchase/sale of aircraft which puts the best, most profitable solution to your needs within reach, offering you the maximum benefit.

Our knowledge, constant market analysis and valuation of aircraft, as well as international recognition, have endorsed our operations and guarantee the maximum benefit for you and the aeroplane which is best adapted to your requirements.

  • Comparative studies of aeroplanes.
  • Mediation with manufacturers, owners and brokers.
  • Legal and tax advice in contracts, imports and registrations.
  • Technical advice for pre-purchase inspections.

Engineering of Airworthiness

Gestair is the Spanish operator with the greatest capacity for Management of the Maintenance of Airworthiness of Executive Aeroplanes , both operated by Gestair and private aircraft. We have a team of highly specialised Engineers and Registrars, which guarantee the correct state and maintenance of the aircraft.

  • Issue and Annual Renewal of Aeroplane Airworthiness Certificates.
  • Full Management and Planning of the aircraft: motors, components and implementation of Modifications.
  • Cost control of the inspections in the contracted maintenance centres.
  • Full control of the technical registration of the aircraft, motors and components.
  • Preparation of maintenance programmes and Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and management of its approval by EASA.
  • Monitoring of the Guarantee Programmes of Aeroplanes/Motors/Components.
  • Management of Aircraft Insurance Claims.

General Management Services

At Gestair we take charge of all necessary services for the correct operation of the aircraft, with teams of operators and Key Account dedicated exclusively to technical, commercial, operational and administrative areas. In this way, we offer flexible solutions and personalised advice on the management of your aircraft, to fit your needs and lifestyle.

  • Administrative and Supply Management Services..
  • 24 hour Flight Coordination.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Support in flight operations and crew management.
  • Legal and Tax Support.

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