The best network of FBOs in Spain

Our own executive terminals in the main Spanish airports

Gestair makes the largest network of FBOs in Spain available to you. It is present in the main Spanish airports where it has the most modern and exclusive facilities in the sector.

Our highly qualified staff are charged with providing you with everything necessary to make your private or business flight an incomparable experience.

Over 37 years providing handling services

We are the only Spanish company which, due to the dimensions and capacity of our infrastructure, offers passengers, crew and operators the fullest Handling service in executive aviation.

Our experience in executive aviation handling gives our service the highest quality standard.

Personalised service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Our priority: your comfort.
Our aim: to guarantee attention to detail in each one of our journeys.

To aid the coordination of all services, Gestair FBO has and Operations and Control Centre (OCC), from which, in a centralised way, services in any airport in the world are coordinated. In this way, from one point, you will find the response to your needs.


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