Executive Aviation Maintenance Services

Base Maintenance

Gestair maintenance has a wide experience in carrying out inspections on Dassault, Gulfstream, Hawker, Cessna and Bombardier aeroplanes, maintaining the fleet of the Spanish Air Force since 2008.

Technical Assistance & AOGs

Gestair maintenance can mobilise a technical team in record time, wherever you need us to.

We have a 24/7 AOG service, where Engineering Personnel, Logistics Personnel and Technical Personnel will always be at your service. Gestair maintenance understands the importance of the service to you. For our clients every minute is important.

Avionics laboratory

Our avionics laboratory, unique in the sector, allows the calibration and repair of highly technical instruments. Gestair maintenance is the Service Centre of Rockwell Collins and Honeywell Avionics, and has over 300 teams on our capability list. We exhaustively follow the guidelines and programmes of the manufacturers, providing our clients with services endorsed by the dual FAA and EASA certification.

Modifications and Engineering

Gestair maintenance offers a service of changes and modifications to aeroplanes, as well as their corresponding installation. These can also be carried out on aeroplanes which are not controlled by Gestair maintenance. These modifications may be to avionics equipment and facilities, interiors or even structural.

Through this service, Gestair maintenance offers the client the possibility of updating their aeroplane to comply with new regulations and new incorporate technology, and thus increase the value of the aeroplanes.

Commercialisation of Components and Materials

Gestair maintenance offers a component and materials sales service for clients within the aviation sector. We provide executive aviation, as well as general aviation and commercial aviation clients. Through our distributors, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell Lycoming and Flight Display Systems, we can offer very competitive prices to our clients.

Gestair maintenance has achieved important agreements with suppliers and transport companies which guarantee a high level of service, both in timescale and cost. Gestair maintenance provides a door to door service when and where you need it.

Other Services

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