Gestair, First Aviation Company Certified by AENOR in the Face of Coronavirus

Gestair, First Aviation Company Certified by AENOR in the Face of Coronavirus

Madrid, 12 June 2020.

Gestair becomes the first aviation company in Spain to be awarded the AENOR certificate in the face of COVID-19. This seal is applied to all aircraft that the company manages, maintains and the hangaring of aircraft, and it also guarantees the safety of passengers and workers, being introduced to all centres of the company.

The AENOR certificate is an external guarantee of the effectiveness of the measures that Gestair applies and at the same time, it supports the fact that these initiatives meet and go beyond the recommendations and requirements of the various aviation authorities issued by domestic and international bodies regarding prevention and hygiene with respect to COVID-19.

For Carlos Gericó, Director General of the Gestair Group, “Our work is based on the safety of our clients. Protecting the health of passengers and crews is also now a priority. AENOR supporting our work in the face of COVID-19 confirms that the measures we have implemented are the right ones”.

“This certification inspires confidence among all the groups involved; a key aspect for the economic and social recovery of the effects of the Coronavirus crisis. The steps taken by Gestair are in line with the company’s quality of service and will for continuous improvement,” Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, has stated.

The assessment that AENOR has carried out evaluates aspects such as risk management; management of health in the workplace; training, information and communication carried out; management of protection (use of personal protective equipment), as well as good practice of cleaning and hygiene in the aircraft and installations, among others. Now that we have been awarded the seal, it is valid for one year, but Gestair must undergo reviews every three months. 

Gestair has set in motion a plan of preventive health and safety measures for passengers and crews: it carries out PCR tests on pilots and cabin crew every fortnight, it guarantees that safe distances are kept, it has provided its employees and passengers with hydroalcoholic gels and masks, it takes the temperature of its crews, guarantees the quality of the air inside the aircraft and carries out disinfectant cleaning on its aircraft with products that are highly effective in killing viruses and which are compatible with the aircraft, among other measures.

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